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30+ Presentation Tips and Tutorials for the Savvy Presenter

Presentation tips

We’ve been compiling a list of top presentation resources that will help you become a master presenter.

Check out the resources below nicely divided into categories of articles, infographics, Quora and videos. There’s something for every presenter!

Read (or listen or watch) on and let us know your #1 favorite in the comments below.

Keep an eye out for more resource guides in near future. More awesome-sauce coming your way!


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Want Free + Beautiful Visuals for Your Business or Social Media? Here’s How

Create Awesome Infographics, Presentations, Banners, Animations in 1-2-3

Hola! At Visme HQ, we’re working tirelessly to convert complex into beautiful.

Our eternal goal is to let you grab a cuppa, sit back, relax and create awesome visuals with as much as of a click of a button. (Psst… it doesn’t matter what type of visual you’re after – we’ve got something for every need!)


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7 Experts Reveal Their Secrets: How to Use Visual Content to Attract More Readers (Part II)

how to use visual content to attract more readers part-1
Missed Part I? Read it here.

67% of your audience considers clear, detailed images to carry more weight than product information or customer ratings.

Smart marketers, educators and small business owners all around the globe are using visuals to make their message more effective and engaging. (more…)

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7 Experts Reveal Their Secrets: How to Use Visual Content to Attract More Readers (Part I)

how to use visual content to attract more readers part-1

The Internet can be full of hogwash.

Sometimes you need quick answers and you want to make sure it’s accurate. How do you do that? By asking the right people who’ve put the strategies into use.

With that in mind, I got in touch with some of the leading experts who have combined their blogging with interactive visual content.

These guys are the real deal. They know they stuff and walk their talk. Pay close attention and steal away their secrets as they answer 4 key visual content questions below.



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A Quick and Easy Guide to Visual Marketing [Infographic]

Visual MarketingYou’ve heard of visual marketing before.

It’s everywhere and it’s huge.

That’s why at Visme labs, we’re finding new ways to help you create your own original visual content without spending a fortune on a graphics artist or worse yet, spending hours at perfecting your skills at it.

Throughout the world, influencers and bloggers are pushing visual content to their social channels and blog.

Entrepreneurs are making use of visual-storytelling to build a connection with their customers. School teachers and students are making use of powerful visuals to put across their point of view effectively.


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Visualizing data with Infograph Widgets – A better way to present boring data


Let’s face it.  Data can be boring.  It’s often a conglomerate of a bunch of numbers and decimal points spread across a white page.    It doesn’t engage with you; instead you have to make a conscious effort to understand and make sense of it, which is why it’s often hard to retain data.


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Awesome New Templates to Create Professional Infographics and Website Banners


The Visme user base continues to  gain traction; we have thousands of projects created weekly by users from all walks of life.   While we have been busy rolling out a lot of new refinements and features one thing was definitely lagging:   Lack of Quality themes and templates.

Today we like to announce the first release (with more to follow) of a series of custom templates that will give users like yourself a great starting point to create better visual content.


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5 Ways to Boost Traffic Your Website without Putting a Hole in Your Pocket

5 ways to boost web-traffic

Let’s face it. We all want traffic. Lots of it.
Because without traffic, your website doesn’t solve its purpose.

Let’s say you’re a Biology teacher who also loves technology. You’re trying out some new online tools in class and see a boost in students’ performance when you blend lessons with these tools.

So you start a blog just to record and share your exciting findings. You review tons of free tools that you’ve used. Unbeknownst to you, this little blog is slowly attracting a decent traffic of 10,000 unique visitors a day.  Soon you start getting “thank you” emails from other teachers looking for such resources online.

You also start hearing from other app developers asking you to trial their paid apps for free. Imagine what that could mean for you. You could start a sponsored app-review service. You can bundle up your blog posts and sell it as a report to your subscribers. You could even write an ebook on How-to use the top 5 tools in your market. Or make affiliate commissions from each app link.

The options are limitless.


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How to create a Professional Mobile Friendly presentation in 5 minutes using Visme


Creating a Presentation doesn’t have to be hard or frustrating.  It shouldn’t require different software and should be a quick and seamless process.

That’s a challenge we often faced at our Web consulting firm HindSite Interactive.  Yes there is PowerPoint but it’s offline based and is a hassle to share among your colleagues or clients;  then there is Google Slides and other online based presentations but they’re a bit too cookie cutter for our taste giving you the bare minimum to create sub-par slideshows.

That’s why we decided to take things into our own hands and create Visme (formerly called EWC Presenter).   To create presentations quickly and easily while having total flexibility over design and tap into the clean templates and the thousands of free icons and assets when we need it.


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New features and upgrades for Visme, improving online presentations


We are keeping busy at Visme (formerly EWC Presenter).  Over the last two months we have rolled out number of new features (and a ton are in process of being developed and rolled out this summer.

Our mission remains simple at it’s core:  to allow anyone to create powerful engaging presentations and other infographics without any design or coding experience.

Here’s a recap of a few of our recent features and happenings which are reflected on all existing and new accounts:


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