What's the difference ?
Site Builder

Allows you to Create, Edit and Fully Manage a great NEW website using our powerful and intuitive Site Builder (anything from a Blog, personal or for business use)

HTML Editor

Allows you Edit an EXISTING web site designed by anyone and hosted elsewhere.

Site Goodies

Create awesome interactive features for your website with our easy to use interactive Add-ons. Attract returning visitors, connect to your users and better promote your site.


Website Add-ons

Add everything from social widgets, maps, and interactive features to your

No installation, No software downloads; Just sign-up, create and fully customize your site goodies and add it to your web site or blog.

Photo Gallery

photo gallery

Create awesome interactive galleries, customize to your taste and share with the world. Read more



Create custom calendars and share your events with the world. Read more

Flash Maker

flash maker

Create eye-popping interactive flash animations to grab the attention of visitors to your site. Read more

Music Player

music player

Play audio and music files on your website or blog with fully customized designs and themes to fit your needs. Read more

My Image Editor

my image editor

Create or edit existing images and photos on the fly with our easy to use image-editing program. Packed with a number of filters and image tools to customize photos.
Read more

Content Ticker

content ticker

Create interactive scrolling content, event boxes and notifications easily. Read more

How do you use the Add-ons?

Use it on your Existing Website

If you have an existing website you can use our HTML Editor to connect and edit your web page content as well as easily insert available website add-ons to your web page(s). (HTML Editor works with HTML based web pages)

If you just want to add site goodies to your site without using the HTML Editor, you can sign-up in seconds , create your website Add-ons and then use the Embed code generated during publish and add to your website through another system or your own content management system. It's very similar to how you would embed YouTube videos to a web site.

Use it on your New Website

You can take advantage of our Site Builder to easily and quickly create a professional website and insert our website add-ons and additional widgets available exclusive to the Site Builder to your own web site.

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