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Students to Professionals: Save and Link Up!

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As students your professor told you to always save your work. I’m sure everyone has had that experience where they did a lot of work, perhaps a ten page paper and all of a sudden your computer crashed and your work was gone because you did not save. Well this is not just a helpful tip for school, but also useful after school. Throughout your college years you have accomplished a lot and most of it was career related.  I’m sure there were projects and long tedious assignments that you had to do and did well in. Wouldn’t you want to be able to use these as work samples and items on your resume? Well if you don’t save them then how are you going to be able to convey your skills. You spend hours and time doing various assignment , so why not take two seconds to save it?

Also, when saving you should always save the link if your work was published somewhere. This makes your work look more credible and also shows that it was more than just a simple word document. If you wrote an article and another site posted it on there’s, save the link! This is a wow-factor and a way to really make yourself stand out. It shows that someone liked your work so much that they felt it necessary to publish it on there website.  It’s one thing to have documents on your online portfolio, but to actually have links makes your work look better and professional.

Take these lessons and use them towards your journey from being a student to a professional. Save, save, save and use links and you will blow your competition away! Create your online portfolio or website with Easy WebContent.

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