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How To Network and Take Opportunities

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As students, we receive lots of help from our professors through out our college experience.  But what about after college? Professors are not just resources to us while we are in school, but they are also valuable resources to us when we get out. They can provide us with contacts so that we can network, refer us for internships and jobs and also provide us with reference letters. As adults we need to take the intuitive to make them useful to us. It is not the professors job to ask us if we need anything, we need to come to them.

After the professors help us, it is our job to continue to do the rest of the work. Professors are not suppose to spoon feed us but guide us as we figure out the answer. Having professors that take their time to lend out a helping hand is a blessing and we need to properly take advantage of this help. We need to use the contacts and resources provided by the professors and network. Networking is the best way to get far in life or in  your career. You never know who you may meet or run into and you never know who you may need in the future.  So when you are networking be sure to save all contact information. You will need it!

College is not simply an institution where we learn and then leave. It is an institution where we learn valuable things in life and for our career. It teaches us to be an adult while providing skills for us to be successful, but its all about what you make it! College can offer many opportunities, but you have to do the work and reach out and grab them. Nothing is given to you in life!

Use the resources that you have been given, network and take opportunities! This is a great gateway and transition from being students to professionals.

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