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5 Steps to Build Web Presence Step 2

Step 2: Post Articles

When looking to purchase an item or make a contract-binding commitment, people like to read about what they’re signing up for and what others are saying about it. A way to ensure security for customers is to post articles on the company’s blog(s) and other websites and blogs. This allows potential customers to read about what they’re getting into. It can answer any questions without the customer having to call or email for an answer. Also, it shows credibility; share some knowledge you have about the industry your company is a part of. This makes customers feel like the business knows what they’re doing and is the best at what they do.


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Editing Websites For Novices

Are you sick of paying web designers to make simple changes or adjustments to your website?  Many website owners and operators are intimidated by their websites – perhaps they are not familiar with HTML, think that maintaining their site is too complicated and paid a great deal of money to create their site and do not want to risk messing it up. (more…)

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