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Sydney Pearsall Gains Experience By Taking Challenges

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My Internship Story… so far







There I was in my sophomore year of college, Station Manager of WDSU Radio “The Hive” and maintaining my grades pretty well. Though I seemed to be involved in many things, I seemed to still have a lot of free time. So in January of 2012, I started applying for internships. After months of searching I didn’t seem to have any luck. What was I lacking??? I had managerial experience and I was in school doing a good job in all my coursework. I couldn’t figure out what the problem was so I just continued to apply. In March, I finally started to get responses and interviews; I was so excited that I would have something to do this summer.

On April 16th, 2012, I began my internship with Easy WebContent; I was thrown right into work and I loved it!!! The biggest thing I wanted to get out of this internship was to improve my writing. In high school I was in all AP writing classes, but I always barely got an A. I would compare my work to others and just thought their talent in writing was spectacular, while mine was lackluster. So, having writing assignments in the first week of work was a great sign to me.

On April 26th, 2012, I got a call about another internship I’d applied for and decided to accept it. It was another virtual internship, so I thought I could handle the workload. On April 30th, I returned home from school and had 3 job interviews lined up; by May 9th I was working two internships and a job. It was the perfect summer for me; as you can see I like to be busy. However, after a week at my job, I found that I was getting more knowledge and experience from my internship with Easy WebContent than at my job. The job was really taking a toll on me and I didn’t feel like I was benefiting from the experience. I decided that I would focus on my two internships and let go of my job. That was probably the best decision I’ve made this summer.

Since I let go of my job, I’ve been able to fully focus on my internships and dedicate my days to writing and coming up with campaigns for Easy WebContent. Having two virtual internships really worked with my lifestyle since I was also taking two summer classes. I believe this has been my best summer by far because of the knowledge and experience I’ve gained with this internship. I’ve learned how to use knowledge from my coursework in a real job environment. I’ve learned things to add and/or take away from marketing campaigns. I’ve learned how to market a company to the public. And maybe the best of all, I’ve improved my writing!!! I will definitely remember this experience for the rest of my life and be able to use it in my future endeavors and/or careers.

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