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New Product Release: Premier Site Builder Image Editor

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FREDERICK, MD – Easy WebContent today announces the release of the Image Editor, a premium image editor for site builders. The Image Editor was created by HindSite Interactive, one of Maryland’s leading web design and development firm. Through the Image Editor, users are given the power to customize their design and theme to their exact specification without any installations or software downloads. This user-friendly and intuitive image editor is available exclusively online through Easy WebContent.


Image Editor is a major release with significant innovation and usability. The add-on features a simplified version of today’s photo editing software to the most novice users on the web. The easy to use online image editor makes it simple to customize images and photos for website publishing. It is packed with a number of filters and image tools to customize photos.

About Easy WebContent

With the demand for a quick, simple and cost effective method of web site editing, in 2008 Easy WebContent was created. This fully web based WYSIWYG system allows web site owners to access and manage their site content with no technical training or costly out of pocket expenses. No matter what the level of web design knowledge or whether it is a multimillion dollar business or a community organization, Easy WebContent was designed with every person in mind.

Pricing and Availability

Easy WebContent Image Editor Add-On is included as part of the Site Builder (Complete) version. For more detailed information about the product features, pricing, and free trial period, please visit

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