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HTML Editor of 2012

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Use the HTML Editor on your Existing Website

Easy WebContent HTML Editor
 is simply the easiest and quickest way to access your pages to edit and update your website from any standard web browser – without installing any software on your hosting account or computer. Our HTML Editor is made to work with existing websites. You can edit and update your existing HTML site without third party tools, no software installation or special knowledge of HTML.

Connect to your website Hosted Anywhere!

All you need to connect is your website’s FTP information (available from virtually all web hosts) and you are ready to edit virtually your html files!

Take advantage of our reseller program and offer the Easy WebContent service (HTML Editor) to your customers at an extended discount rate.

The Easy WebContent (EWC) Reseller Program is designed to make your business
more successful and profitable. How?

A fully feature reseller interface that will allow you to easily manage your accounts and private-label the Easy WebContent service under your own name and logo!


Increase revenues with a new service that can further compliment your existing business.
How many of your customers would like to edit their own web site but can not afford to purchase an expensive software product, lack the technical skills to learn the use of sophisticated web design software, or afford the pricey development cost and installation of a content management system?

With No long-term commitment, No Set-up fee, No software downloads, No software
installation, and an easy to use tool, Easy WebContent cost just pennies a day to you and
your customers. Your customers will be able to make edits from any computer with an internet connection (using their unique user name and password) at any time, day or night.

Compare this to other editing options:

> Off-the-shelf software such as Contribute do not offer the same opportunity as Easy WebContent. You must make a large upfront investment to purchase the product and you do not have the ability to resell and brand the product under your own label and generate a recurring revenue source.

> Content Management Systems (CMS) not only require installation and full integration within a web site structure but also require server side technologies. Often such systems come at a high cost, be it licensing of the system and/or the hours of labor and development expertise needed to install and integrate to a single web site.


Revenue opportunity without the investment

Easy WebContent is a pay as you go plan. You are welcome to purchase as many licenses as you  like, but it is not necessary. (The more licenses you purchase over time, the lower your cost will be per license)

The system is designed to update and recalculate your Price Per License (PPL) once you reach each cut off point. It will automatically adjust your monthly cost for the next billing cycle. This has no reflection on your customer accounts. They will still be charged the same rate you set for them as  you control their billing and how much you charge them.

Easy WebContent > Pay us a little $ > Charge your customers what you want.

Download Reseller Information Packet


Learn how to become an Easy WebContent Affiliate

You Are In Charge Easy WebContent provides easy and powerful tools to manage and empower websites.  It gives the user control to edit an existing or build a new professional website. Visit today to begin your free 14-day trial period!

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