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5 Challenges Small Businesses Face when Building a Website

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Having a website can be of phenomenal impact on your small business.

Having the right website isn’t just about setting putting something up – anybody can do that – but about using the right tools to create effective websites, properly branded and optimized to help you attract people and convert them. Unfortunately, building a small business website is easier said than done. There are challenges you’ll face, especially if you’re new to building a website.

Here are 5 common challenges you can face with building a website that Easy WebContent can help you with.

1. Getting Hosting

While you can easily find hundreds of companies that will host your website online, for a small business trying to get online you probably don’t understand all the technical jargons involved.

What is FTP and how do you use it? What are nameservers and how do you configure your website with them? These are technical jargons you probably don’t care about and Easy WebContent makes it extremely easy for you to create your website without getting drawn into them.

2. Creating Good Looking Websites

Design is a major challenge small businesses face when it comes to building a website.

When you decide to use a CMS like WordPress or you decide to hire a designer, you can easily see yourself spending in excess of $5,000 for a basic web design. That’s way too expensive, especially when you don’t have to spend to have a good-looking website.

Easy WebContent has a drag-and-drop website builder and design tool that makes building a beautiful looking website as easy as ABC.

3. Getting Ranked in the Search Engines

Contrary to what most people will have you believe, getting ranked well in the search engines is a core part of building a website.

If you build a proper, SEO-optimized website with the right tools your chances of ranking higher is very significant compared to someone who completely ignores SEO. For your website to rank well in the search engines, it needs to be light and fast. The code has to be clean and crawl-able and every elements of on-page SEO should be in place.

4. Cost

When you calculate the cost needed to build a website for your small business, it isn’t unusual to see yourself spending hundreds or thousands of dollars monthly to ensure your website is properly running – from hosting to maintenance etc.

You start to ask yourself if it’s worth it. While you have to spend occasionally, having a great online presence doesn’t have to be expensive.

With Easy WebContent, for less than $20 monthly you can have your website set up and ready to go.

5. Updating Your Website

You might have the best website on earth, with the most beautiful design and hosted on the most powerful server in the world, but it doesn’t matter if you can’t update your website to show what you want.

With most HTML site builders, this is usually a pain. Not with Easy WebContent, however.

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