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5 Essentials for Visually Appealing Websites

Think of your website as your digital store front. Just as you would diligently clean, organize and display your best work to attract clients, your website should be equally tidy and well-kept. According to a recent study by the 2012 Digital Influence Index, 89 percent of customers search the web before making a purchasing decision. In this ever-changing digital age, it’s increasingly important to make a lasting online impression in a short period of time. When it comes to visual web appeal, it’s more than just pretty fonts and colors, it’s about the right mix of aesthetics and functionality that speaks to your target audience.


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The turtle is turning into a Rabbit!

Design faster in Presenter

Over the course of the last few months thousands more users have joined and created series of Presentations, Animations, Banner Ads, website teasers, Infographics and more right in their browser using Presenter.    Some of you are students and educators and some are non-profits, businesses and bloggers.

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How you can use interactive content to increase engagement and information retention

Interactive Content

Consider this:  Your brain is mainly an image processor (much of our sensory cortex is devoted to vision),  so doesn’t it make sense that when you want to engage others whether in business, education or other forms of communication you utilize visual cues?


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10 Ways to Build Your Email List

To really get results from your online business, you have to do more than just create a website. It’s important to have a solid business model and it’s more important to learn how to generate traffic to your blog; not just any traffic but traffic that can readily convert into sales.

The most viable, cost effective and user friendly method of ensuring loyal and returning website traffic is by developing a sizable email subscription list. Any leading online business owner would tell you that his biggest asset is not the traffic that he gets; rather, it’s the number of subscribers on his email list. You can use these emails to establish countless new business, sell as many products as you want and most importantly, build a community around your website. (more…)

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10 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website

A website without traffic is almost like human body without blood. Yes, it’s that important. In fact, there’s no point of having a website if it does not attract regular traffic. It is the basic input required by any website to develop a feasible business model. You can also call traffic as the currency of the internet. The more traffic any website attracts the more options and chances it has to develop new businesses and explore new revenue generation opportunities. (more…)

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Minnesota Concert Opera uses Easy WebContent Site Builder for website design

Every so often we like to feature an Easy WebContent Site Builder user on our blog. These are real businesses and non-profits from all walks of life who have worked hard to establish their organization and using Easy WebContent have stamped a footprint that better reflects and promotes their brand and services on the world wide web. We recently talked to Mrs. Felix at Minnesota Concert Opera in Minneapolis Minnesota.


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3 Types of Content Your Blog Needs to Flourish

Content” – it’s probably the most used word in the marketing world in 2013.

According to data from Hubspot that observed 1,400 small business websites, it was revealed that “customers with blogs gathered 68% more leads than customers without blogs.” In other words, having a blog can be a very powerful way to take your business to the next level.

Without content, though, a blog is nothing. To get results from your blogging efforts, you not only need the right amount of content to get results, you also need the right types of content. (more…)

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What is Guest Blogging and Why Should You Care?

As a website owner, one topic you’ll no doubt come across sooner than later, if you haven’t already, is guest blogging.

Guest blogging is a popular marketing strategy in the internet marketing world today and you’ll no doubt hear about it if you’re looking for ways to market your website; this article will be giving you an idea of what guest blogging is and why you should care about. (more…)

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Why You Should Use Email Marketing with Your Website

While it’s good to have a website, your website won’t go forward without effective marketing.

In 2013, content/inbound marketing has been proven to be more effective and cheaper than traditional forms of marketing; of all inbound marketing techniques, email marketing is perhaps the most effective. This was recently proven in a 2012 study by the Direct Marketing Association that revealed that “email provided $39.40 in sales per dollar of advertising this year, followed by $22.38 through Web search, $19.71 from Internet display ads and $12.90 from social networks.

In other words, not only is email marketing very powerful but it’s much more powerful than search and social media. Here are a few reasons why you should use email marketing with your website: (more…)

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Why You Should Create a Website for Your Small Business Today

Create Website for business

Having a website is critically important, yet many small businesses underestimate its importance.

While there’s a plethora of reasons small businesses delay or don’t even bother about creating a website for their business, two main excuses are:

  1. They don’t believe that having a website is effective.
  2. They believe that creating and maintaining a website is difficult and expensive.

When you consider the fact that most small businesses are operating on a budget, the second excuse is usually a valid excuse until it isn’t.

Creating a website doesn’t have to be expensive. At Easy WebContent for example, we offer everything you need to create a website that can power your small business; everything from an easy to use site builder for those who want a flexible way to create a website to a quality HTML editor for those who already have a website but want to update it. (more…)

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