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Virtual Adgency uses Easy WebContent Site Builder to design and edit their website

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VirtuAd Agency uses Easy WebContent Site Builder to create professional website and portfolio

Every so often we like to feature an Easy WebContent Site Builder user on our blog. These are real businesses and non-profits from all walks of life who have worked hard to establish their organization and using Easy WebContent have stamped a footprint that better reflects and promotes their brand and services on the world wide web. We recently talked to Alex Camarena Burdier from Virtual Adgency, a Web Agency specializing in severals activities that are related to advertising, graphic design, and online marketing.

Tell us a bit about your business
My company’s name is Virtual Adgency.   We are a web agency, specializing in severals activities that are related to advertising, graphic design, marketing, communication & internet.  We provide creative and real solutions to companies and individuals in need of a strong business and brand.

Virtual Adgency helps our client to  better their communication message and way through the channels that we know as part of our specialization area, to make their brand a success.   We look for solutions in branding,  making the perception of customers brand positive as a whole or complete part of a communication strategy, that contain  the correct visual identity of the customer brand.  Companies that lack of these key parts will not be successful.

Virtual Adgency provides:

Corporate design: branding, identity, logo design.
Webdesign: Webpage design, design of applications for website or social network.  Animations: Motion graphic, interactive infographics, banner animation.
Videos: videos productions, videos concepts, viral videos.
Editorial design: Cover design for magazines, books and ebooks.
Digital presentations for PR campaign activities.
Traditional graphic design.
Advertising:  Advertising campaign concepts and strategies.
Content translation: Spanish and english, english and Spanish.
Social networking management: Facebook, twitter, pinterest, blog and more with guarantee to increase our client’s fan page popularity in just hours.

VirtuaAd Agency Easy WebContent Site Builder

What inspired you to start your business/organization?
The lack of web agencies specializing in this area, that can provide a personal service, and promoting a job style: working virtually.  Also the need of a full web agency where the companies can find all solution under one roof:  a web agency where the customer can find all kind of services according to their needs.

And this is just the beginning to what Virtual adgency currently has in mind to do in future!

What distinguishes your business/organization from others?
Virtual Adgency is the only web agency that brings instant answers to customers need, what takes the concept of agency online to the next step.  Because Virtual Adgency engages from the beginning until the end with the clients it works with. Apart from our specialization area, the quality, the creativity and originality are also advantages that virtual Adgency provides which is of great benefit to the customers.

Why did you decide on using the Easy WebContent Site Builder for your web presence needs?
Easy WebContent provide a brilliant solution mix with simplicity and easy way to manage the content of our site, without complications, different to other CMS that are found on the internet.  It’s the easiest way to have your website business online in one day or less.

What has your website done for you so far and what do you plan on achieving through it long term?
To have a way to express and show my work, experience and knowledge and to develop as an individual and in a competitive environment where it is becoming more necessary professional online presence for business.   To be identified by what you offer, what you give.

In the immediate future, I hope to further increase the web presence, customers and stand out as a different agency among many existing that provide similar services.

As Walt Disney said:  ”Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”

What feature/functions do you like most on the Easy WebContent Site Builder?
I like the drag and drop function, the content features such as: embed code drag and drop, the way to define your layout easily, themes. The friendly environment, that reminds me the Macintosh environment friendly for designers and people involved with graphics.

In general, the idea of to build all the website graphically, without the need of programming is fantastic.

How often do you use the Site Builder and update often on your site.
2 times per day or more!


Use Easy WebContent Site Builder for your business

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  1. Thanks for the article about our business. Amazing job and amazing service. I really recommend easy web content.! , Cheers!

    • hindsite says:

      Your welcome Alex. We work hard to take care of our users including yourself. We have lot of great things coming; new features, widgets and some good surprises along the way.

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