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New features and upgrades for Visme, improving online presentations

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We are keeping busy at Visme (formerly EWC Presenter).  Over the last two months we have rolled out number of new features (and a ton are in process of being developed and rolled out this summer.

Our mission remains simple at it’s core:  to allow anyone to create powerful engaging presentations and other infographics without any design or coding experience.

Here’s a recap of a few of our recent features and happenings which are reflected on all existing and new accounts:

f_duplicateDuplicate Projects: Many of you asked “I want to duplicate my projects!”. So we developed it. Now you can easily duplicate any project by simply rolling over and selecting the “Duplicate” link.   It’s great to use an existing project as a template to create a new one from.

Visme formerly EWC PresenterA New Brand is Born: Unless you have been totally skipping our updates or accessing your account, we are now Visme! Get an inside peek at how we made the switch. Read more here.

How to transition between slides in presentationsAuto-Transitions: Sometimes you just want to apply a quick smoth transition to your slides. You can do that with our auto-transition module. Read more here.

Using layers in presentations and infographics HTML5Manage Project Layers: You now have complete control over every single layer of your project from one central panel with our recently launched Layer Widget. Read more here.

What’s next? We have new Awesome features coming soon!

New templates:
We are going to roll out a series of new templates to improve how quickly you create more professional infographics , banners and presentations.

PowerPoint Import:
Are you a PowerPoint user and looking for an alternative?   Soon we will be rolling out a Powerpoint import into Visme.  So you can in just a couple steps, share and publish your powerpoint presentations online.

Stay tuned and meanwhile check out our new features and take them for a test drive.  It’s free and super easy!

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