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Website Crunch Time For A Good Cause

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HindSite Interactive handles numerous web projects throughout the year. Every new project is exciting and rewarding; especially when it’s for a good cause. The Hindsite team recently worked on a website for an organization that is all about good causes. The organization is called Concept for Women & Children with HIV/AIDS. This project had to be completed within a certain time; 2 days! With the time constraint and to accommodate this projects limited budget, the HindSite team utilized the Easy WebContent Site Builder.

Concept for Women & Children with HIV/AIDS is a non profit that was founded in 2007 by Lovelyn Bialose. This organization does so much to help others. They work particularly in rural areas in African countries. Some of the countries that they have worked in are South Africa, Republic of Benin, Nigeria, Chad, and Ivory Coast. This organization does a plethora of things such as:

-Medication distribution
-Provide essential commodities
-Laboratory testing of signs and symptoms
-Provide HIV/AIDS awareness programs
-and much more!

Ms. Bialose says that she is so grateful that Easy WebContent agreed to make her a website which would provide her an online presence and allow for more donations.

“Hindsite Interactive can put us on the MAP,” said Bialose.” they can draw traffic to our site, which is really what we are looking for, because without people visiting our site they will not know the kind of services we can offer to people in need.”

Katherine Alegado, Marketing Manager at HindSite Interactive, Inc. said that when she spoke to Ms. Bialose she knew that this particular client really needed HindSite’s help!

“What I had assumed to be another potential client calling in for a quote, was actually a client in urgent need of web presence, based off the tone of her voice,” said Alegado. “I was caught off guard when she jumped into explaining her situation and details about her nonprofit organization. Right at that moment I knew I had to start taking notes.”

HindSite Interactive has always felt the pressure of meeting deadlines, but now the pressure has escalated to finish this project on such short notice.

“The HindSite team is continuously busy with projects throughout the year. The demand for this particular project was in short notice and needed to be completed within two days. For the other projects at hand, we have timelines that are far longer than just two days,” said Alegado. “This made the team come together to shift tasks from one another to ensure that all projects are continuously worked on. Our Head Creative Designer, Shayan, is dedicating all his time on Ms. Lovelyn’s project, while our other designers and developers provide helping hands by taking additional duties for the other projects.”

Shayan Kheradmand, Head Creative Designer said that he experienced some difficulty.

Although faced with challenges Kheradmand made it work.“The biggest difficulty I had with this project was the time constraint. I only had 2 days to create a web ready site”, said Kheradmand “Following that were the provided images, which were not of very high quality. Images/graphics are a valuable asset in most web design, so when you don’t have attractive images, the design will likely suffer,” said Kheradmand.

“With a short amount of time to put this site together, I was at the mercy of one of the templates. So I looked through and picked one that would work well, and added some little touches here and there to make things pop, like adding texture to the header background and creating a unique navigation bar with a dropshadow and such,” said Kheradmand.

Helping an organization that does that very thing for others is something that the HindSite team felt was necessary. Although pressured with a short deadline they came through giving Concept for Women & Children with HIV/AIDS web presence and a chance to increase donations made it all worth it for the HindSite team.

With clients ranging from Nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies and the workload that lands on the HindSite design table, their team is always excited to see the more challenging tasks on the table, may it be with high client expectations or extreme project time constraints. To learn more about the HindSite team visit


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