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Heart Racing From A Penn State Lab To Becoming An Easy WebContent Editor

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I remember sitting in the lab at Penn State and logging onto my email. I had received an email from Katherine and my heart stopped. She told me that she was interested in me, liked my resume and wanted to do a Skype interview with me. My heart was racing! I had never done a Skype interview before and I was really nervous. I was still getting over the fact that she was even considering me for the Easy WebContent Marketing Internship.

9:55 a.m. hits and I am sweating and constantly fixing my hair, preparing myself for my interview at 10:00am. Suddenly it’s 10:01am and I have a call on Skype. I answer it and begin to relax when I see Katherine smiling. I become relax as she asks me questions. She was really relaxed and energetic, this not only made me comfortable, but it also made me excited and even more anxious about getting this internship. After the interview I felt great! I felt like I had made a good impression to Katherine.  The next thing I knew I was getting a call a week later from Katherine. I was just getting out of my last class and she said, “Tashima the EWC team would love to have you”. My heart was racing and I honestly didn’t hear anything else that she said after that because I was so excited!

As soon as I started the internship on May 5th, I was getting so many assignments. My first conference call with Katherine I felt a bit overwhelmed. But after breathing and organizing everything that I had to do, I realize that the work wasn’t hard it was just tedious. Week after week the assignments became more tedious and we were getting a lot more work. I was stressed, but Katherine was always there to help me and answer all of my questions (and I ask a lot of questions). There were times where I needed an extension on an assignment and I was so afraid to ask, but when I finally did I was shocked by her reaction. She simply said, “of course, you can have an extension”. She even asked me when I would be able to finish the assignment. Katherine is very personable and understanding. She makes all of the stresses of articles, press releases, live feeds, blog comments, and other things that I do exciting. After I complete an assignment she would praise me on it and also provide feedback instantly.

I have learned so much from this Easy WebContent internship and I haven’t even finished yet.  I learned proper researching skills, which I desperately needed, I learned how to do press releases and also how to properly manage the EWC Facebook page. I have done things that were fun such as creating a website that I use as an online portfolio; writing daily articles and my newest project producing live feeds. I love interviewing people and incorporating their quotes into an article, I told Katherine this and now I do it more often. I got to talk to and interview amazing people like Lovelyn Bialose, Founder of Concept For Women & Children with HIV/AIDS.

This internship is not for the faint of heart, you will work and you will work hard, but you also will learn things that will only benefit you in the future. I am so grateful that EWC chose me to be a part of their team. And I am also thankful to have had a wonderful boss and mentor like Katherine Alegado.

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