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Advertise Your Website

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After you have created a professional website you need to advertise it so that people actually know that it exists. What is the point of having a website that no one knows about.

Technology today has made it incredibly easy for a person to send information and have it travel quickly. Therefore, technology can be your bestfriend when you need to advertise something.  Social networks such as face book, twitter etc allow you to tell your friends and others about your work. You can even have daily updates about your website to constantly  remind them of it. With Easy WebContent you can use the social integration tool that allows you and others on your cite to access your face book and twitter page with one click on the logo.

Besides technology, you can also advertise your website in a more professional way with a business card. Having a business card is a convenient and professional way of conveying your talent, skills and who you are.  If you were at a networking event , a business card would be vital to have. On it, you can display your website. With your business card handy everyone at the event would have your website information which would increase the amount of people that view it.

Social Networks and Business cards are a great way for people to access your professional website. Knowing these things will benefit you in your pursuit of transforming from  a student to a professional.

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  1. Quan says:

    Thanks Tashima, for sharing this article. SEO planning and strategy has to be totally ethical based on the latest updates so that the website is not penalized for not following any guidelines.

    Quan Scire From WebStartToday

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