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Meet our New Marketing Intern: Miranda

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Miranda Pellicano

School: West Liberty University

Year: Rising Sophomore

Major: Graphic Design

Career Aspiration: Graphic Designer/ Web Designer

Interest(s):  I take interest in a number of different things ranging from art to science. Creating art is a passion of mine, and I work with a variety of mediums in my spare time. Some of my favorites are watercolors, colored pencils, and duct tape (I’ve made three duct tape dresses in the past). I’m also really into the Earth sciences and studying life. Astronomy is a big topic of interest for me because there’s almost always something new being discovered. As far as other interests go, I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter and anything Disney, and I hold no shame in that. I’ll watch the movies whenever I have spare time on my hands. That’s a brief summary of some of the things that I like to get into.

What would you do if you received a million dollars today?
If I received a million dollars today, I’m not quite sure what I would do with it. Part of the money would probably be saved to later buy a house once I get out of school. I would also probably donate some to the school I currently attend as well as my former high school. I would use some of the money to buy my parents solar panels for their house simply because I believe it would save them in the long run, and it would be more green, which is something that I’m trying to work towards. Admittedly, I would probably take a little shopping spree to grab some new clothes and or shoes. A portion of the money I would definitely donate to some charity organization, like the World Food Programme or World Wildlife Foundation. Whatever was left over, I would put into a savings account, or invest in the stock market for later on in the future, so that I can continuously help out different schools or organizations with the interest being collected.


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