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Web File Manager Makes Life Easy

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What does a person do when they have an important correction to make on their website and they just happen to be on a family vacation? Problem solved, Easy WebContent launches new File Managerfeature in their Site Builder and HTML Editor, once again putting ‘Easy’ in yet another tool.

When it comes to editing a website there can be many downsides.  There is that problem of  needing to access the right computer with the right software. Another problem is having the website content files organized and easily accessible in one location.  Sometimes files are misplaced in the wrong folder or external hard drive, preventing editors from making minor changes like switching out pictures to uploading an updated document. This is a shared concern for web developers and businesses owners on the move.

Users are now able to upload files onto the file manager feature to make edits accordingly.  Unlike the usual upload of a file and having it disappear after an edit or having to re-upload the file for another page, the file manager keeps the file in storage until the user deletes it.  The file limit in the file manager is dependent on the users account type from Easy WebContent’s Basic or Complete plan.  Imagine having your entire website content from photos to documents all stored in one location with 24/7 access on any computer.

Thanks to Easy WebContent, you do not need to be a professional web designer to make simple updates and changes to your website.  Visit today to begin your free 7 day trial period!

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