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The Virtual Version of Website for Dummies

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Easy WebContent is the virtual version of Websites for Dummies.  No, you do not have to be dumb to use it, but if you are, no worries.

This website is very user friendly, making everything fun and accessible to visitors.  “You are in charge” is their slogan and it was proven to be true.  The website allows you to create, edit, and/or add new features to your website. It allows you to be in complete control.

There are five add-on features that will enhance your website, which include a Photo Gallery Maker, a Calendar Builder, a Flash Maker, a Music Player, and an Image Editor.

The Photo Gallery Maker allows you to upload photos and/or images to your website and manipulate them without a problem.  It also allows you to publish the images to your website with the ability to modify your design and theme to look exactly how you want it.  Additionally, if you don’t want to customize it yourself, there are templates at your disposal.

The Calendar Builder allows you to manage events on your website.  You can place a calendar on your page and edit it whenever you need to.  This feature also comes with different designs to fit your websites needs.

The Flash Maker allows you to place animated flash players, banners, slideshows, showcases etc. to your website to make it fun and interactive.  This makes websites much more inviting for visitors and easier for the creators.  This also allows you to place advertisements on your website, which creates more revenue your company.

The Music Player allows you to play audio and music files on your website with customized designs.  This really makes the website a welcoming environment for visitors.  It sets the mood for whatever your company may be.

The Image Editor allows you to upload and edit existing or new photos and images on your website.  This helps keep pictures current and up-to-date on the site.  This makes even the Average Joe be a creative genius.

With each fun feature the website allows you to use, there are tutorial videos to show you step-by-step how to achieve your dream website.  This is very helpful for anyone that isn’t technologically inclined.

Some other great aspects of Easy WebContent are the tutorials, tours, and the offered trial. Additionally, the website provides tours on how to navigate your way around the site.  This also makes the website very user friendly.

Lastly, the website offers a free trial for those that are still unsure that they want to make the commitment to the website builder.  Nevertheless, for those that are sold on Easy WebContent, it is only $10/month for the standard package and $22/month for the complete package.

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You Are In Charge Easy WebContent provides easy and powerful tools to manage and empower websites.  It gives the user control to edit an existing or build a new professional website. Visit today to begin your free 14-day trial period!

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