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Miranda Pellicano Takes One Step Closer Towards Her Dream Career

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The conclusion of my freshman year in college was in sight. I knew that I was going to need some sort of summer occupation, so with little experience in the field of graphic design and marketing, I began the search for an internship. I had no idea how my quest would turn out. Would I find a position? Would I have enough qualifications? There were so many questions and so many options available. I fixed up my resume and cover letter, and began the search.

I searched primarily online through Internship sites. I came across a site called YouTern. It was actually the first position that I applied for. I would go on to submit several other applications to various other sites in hopes of hearing back. I was contacted by a few of the other companies, Hindsite Interactive included. Katherine Alegado was the one to contact me, and she seemed rather interested from my application. I was excited and overwhelmed at the same time between upcoming finals and the job hunt.

I was given the task of writing a review of the Easy WebContent Site Builder. I went to their site and began looking through it, trying to gather as much information as I could to make an accurate review. I was surprised at first, surprised that their site was so clean, simple, and professional. It was a pleasant surprise and fired an easy-to-write review. I submitted my entry and waited patiently for a response. Luckily for me, Katherine enjoyed my review enough to conduct a Skype interview.

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I was again struck with excitement and nervousness. I really wanted to make this count. I hadn’t ever really had a serious job, and couldn’t afford to lose such a great opportunity. On the day of the interview I was anxious all day long. I had to make sure my hair looked nice, and that I was wearing something professional, and that my computer was working. It was the first impression, and I needed to make it count. We began the interview. It was definitely something different to be doing an online interview. There were the technical difficulties, like not turning up my volume, to contend with, and then the distracting play-back image of myself that I tried my best to ignore. It was certainly something different, but it was a pleasant experience. The questions were easy for me to answer and I enjoyed answering them. Katherine was very laid back, and… chill. Her attitude really put me at ease, and helped me relax.

After the interview was over, I felt good about it. I felt like I had done as best as I could. All that I could do from that point on was wait for the results. It took four days to get a definite response, and I was very pleased with the verdict. The team had liked me enough to hire me! It was such a good feeling. I felt successful and accomplished. I was ready to get right into work, but I had to make it through finials first. About two weeks later, when I finished up with school, I jumped into the internship right away. The weekly tasks have been something that’s been kept up with since the beginning. The first was a little over my head, but I got through it and managed somehow to get everything in.

The next few weeks would continue as such. Then we were given the opportunity to have an office day. I got to meet with Katherine and one other interns, Sydney, for the first time. We were introduced to the business world by being taken to a small local networking event where we meet several local business owners and saw firsthand how networking events go. It was such a good experience. Then we also had a little brain storming session where we came up with some marketing strategies on how we could enhance visits on Easy WebContent’s page. The whole day was such a success, and it was so great to get to go in and experience that.

Since then, the tasks have gotten a little bit harder each week. There’s more expected of us, and that’s just as it should be. There are frustrations at some points when the tasks are just grueling and never-ending. Sometimes it’s a lot of research that gets a little boring after a while, but that’s balanced out with some fun stuff that we get to do, like updating our own websites or blogging. Over all though, I enjoy the tasks that I’m assigned, and look forward to getting new ones. The experience is enhanced because the team that we’re privileged to work with is so helpful and understanding. Any problem that I may run into, or question that I may have, Katherine is always online to give advice and encouragement.

So far I feel like I’ve gained a lot of experience since I’ve been working with HindSite Inc, at least a lot more experience than my pervious self had. I’ve gotten to see what it takes to really get a business started, gained knowledge about marketing, and learned sooooo much more about the internet. I’m a graphic design student, and I am ashamed to say that I extremely inexperience with the internet. But this position has helped me tremendously. There’s still a long way to go, and I’m looking forward to every minute of it, between working on the various tasks and working with the team. It’s been quite an experience so far, and it’s not over yet!

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