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Meet our New Marketing Intern: Sydney

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Sydney M Pearsall

University: Delaware State Univeristy

Year: Rising Junior

Major: Double Major in Public Relations and Textile & Apparel Studies, Minor in Business

Career Aspiration: A Publicist/Image Consultant

Interest(s): I am the Station Manager at WDSU Radio “The Hive,” I design clothing, have a great interest in music, the environment, and sustainability.

What would you do if you received a million dollars today?
If I received 1 million dollars today, I would pay off my brother and my school loans, as well as those of my closest friends.  I would then pay off my parents mortgage and any other outstanding bills.  I would send my parents on a much need vacation overseas; donate to the National Kidney Foundation and other charities of choice; give 10% to my church; start a scholarship fund; spend no more than $1,000 on clothes (I have to have some fun;) and the rest would go in savings for the future.


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