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Why Your Website Won’t Bring You Business

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It’s clear beyond doubt that the internet has great potential and that anyone who capitalizes on the growing popularity of the internet by having a website will benefit. As a result, businesses of all sizes are rushing to create a website and own their own portion of the internet, but one question most businesses fail to ask is “what is the point?

As a business, every decision you make should have a particular business end goal; why should you have a website?

If you haven’t thought about it before then I’ll be clear; just having a website won’t add more money to your pocket nor will it bring you more business. Your website should have a focus on adding more to your business and here some of the most common reasons why your website most probably won’t bring you business:

There’s no clear purpose: When you have a website, it’s critical to ensure that your website has a purpose that other people clearly understand and that separates you from other websites; this is also known as a Unique Selling Proposition.

If your website is different from thousands of other websites competing for the attention of your visitors, you’ve automatically made it easy for more people to visit your website; as long as your website is differentiated and has a clear purpose, people will visit it and patronize your business.

People don’t have a reason to visit your website: When people don’t have a clear reason to visit your website it’s not worth attracting them, because they’ll end up leaving even if they come.

Depending on the nature of your business, you can get people to visit your website by having something special for them; it could be a kind of incentive that can only be found on your website or a special privilege people can only get through your website. With this, you’ll be able to get more people to visit your website.

Nobody is visiting: No matter how great your website is or how impressive your offer is, it won’t make much of a difference if nobody is visiting your website.

Just because people have a reason to visit your website doesn’t automatically mean they’ll visit; you need to draw them over to your website. By guest blogging on other websites, using social media and constantly promoting your website on other outlets, you’ll be able to get people to be interested in and visit your website.

There’s no long-term goal: Even if you’re able to get people to visit your website, does it just end there?

For every successful website there’s a long-term goal; there’s one thing you ultimately want visitors to your website to do. For most businesses, it is to get people to buy a product or use a service but most businesses make the mistake of failing to communicate this.

Just because you opened a website for your business doesn’t mean people will automatically assume that you have something to offer; you need to make this clear. If you want people to buy your product or use your services, make it clear. If you want them to subscribe to your email list¬†and become long-term customers, encourage them to do this.

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