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Web Design – How to Manage My Own website. Tutorials to Create and Build a professional website.

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Professional web designers have their place in the world of Websites.  They can bring value to established businesses for those who can invest $3,000 or more to have a custom web site built.

But for everybody else, there is Easy WebContent Site Builder.  A Site Builder created specifically to serve the needs of everyone else:  which likely includes you.  So you can create a professional presence on your own, without any programming knowledge and avoid the need to hire a professional.

Best of all, Easy WebContent Site Builder goes beyond many of the cheap cookie cutter Site building solutions on the market. It gives you a foundation to start from (elastic themes) as well as total control to make your website your own. To fit your needs, your style and your requirements.

To help you through we have created a series of short and easy to understand chapters that will take you from a novice to a professional in a matter of hours.    You are in charge.  You can go at your own pace and refer to each topic when you are ready to take the next step.

It will be well worth your time and effort.  So make sure to book mark this page and refer back to it as needed:

Web Design 101  - How to start creating my website
This chapters covers the basics of what a web presence entails, it’s raw ingredients and the first step in creating your website:  Selecting and customizing your website theme.

Web Design 102  - Customize the Layout of my website
How do you make a website layout reflect your design needs and to best portray your business or organization?   This chapter guides you through customizing your layouts’ color scheme and style to fit your needs.

Web Design 103 – The structure and format of your website
This chapter covers the building blocks of a website in simple terms.   It gives you insight on the components of  a website and how to best format and create the structure for a better web presence.

Web Design 104 – Creating Navigation and adding pages to my website
How does one create and customize the navigation of their website so users can easily find their way around?  This chapter show how you can easily create navigation menus, add links as well as dropdown menus in matter of minutes.

Design 105 – How to add content to my website
Content is king to your users and to search engines.  This chapter sheds light on how you can easily add and populate content of various areas of your website.

Design 106 –  Publishing my website
This chapter walks you through preparing your website for launch and the simple steps to take your website live and have it pull up under your own domain name as well as recommendations.

Design 107 – Optimizing my website and promoting it to the world
You just published your website.  So what do you do next?   This chapter provide great tips and recommendations on optimizing your website for search engines and how to promote it to your audience.

Design 108 – Maintaining my website and bringing visitors back
This chapters covers key topics and tips on maintaining your website, how to continue promoting it and driving more visitors back to your web site.

For more information and help topics visit How to Get started with building your website help tutorials



Why not use Easy WebContent Site Builder for your business or Non profit

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Set-up your own professional website and have full control over your design and content. Check out Easy WebContent for a free trial and see how it works for you.

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