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The Easy WebContent team is pushing boundaries and plugging in hours of development to make building websites easier. Stay tune as we release upgrades and easy-to-use web building tools in the upcoming months.


Here is an overview of our recent interface upgrade to the Site Builder:

SITE THEME this is where you can find global functions for your website such as setting the overall look and feel.

A new function is the background customization found under ‘Site Background’. Here you have the option of combining a color and image together for an eye popping look.


STYLE gives users the ability to customize each individual page. The term ‘elastic’ is what our themes are known for and in this function you can choose from a number of body layouts then resize each of the frames for your preference.

Each content you put on a page like the Facebook widget becomes fully customizable. This provides users the ease of managing specific elements.


FILES are all organized in one location for the ease of usability. Users can now upload all web files from photos to documents into the file manager for future editing. This function is extremely beneficial for editing on the go. There is no need for USB drives or saving files onto one specific computer. It is an easy upload from a home computer and later edit on an office computer.

This is only the start of our upgrades and the Easy WebContent team is not slowing down. Keep updated with new upgrades and tools by subscribing to the Easy WebContent blog.

You Are In Charge Easy WebContent provides easy and powerful tools to manage and empower websites.  It gives the user control to edit an existing or build a new professional website. Visit today to begin your free 7-day trial period!

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