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The Sequoia Company

Easy WebContent Site Builder Site Designed

HindSite has done it again with an amazing project!!  HindSite’s Head Creative Designer, Shayan Kheradmand talks about his experience in working on The Sequoia Company website.

Chad Buchen is a graduate of the University of Maryland, Landscape Architecture Department. He had problems with his previous website and needed Hindsite’s help! He found out about HIndsite through John Funderburk.

John Funderburk, who will also be having a website with Hindsite soon, says that he had his reasons for referring Chad.

“I referred Chad to Hindsite primarily because Katherine is a great representative and the previous web pages looked fantastic on the portfolio,” said John Funderburk.


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New Website Tool: Column Function

Have you ever faced the problem of being involved in so many different ventures that you don’t know which logo to put on your website?

Well here’s the solution to your problem: the NEW Column Function.

While recently updating my web, I was conflicted on whether to keep my logo at the top or my brand name.  Having one under the other just took up too much space.  I then realized the Column Function could solve this entire problem by putting them side by side.

Since I came across this feature, I have to share it with everyone else who may face this problem.  To find it click the content tab and it’s under layout.

From here you decide how many columns you want and divider lines.  It’s a simple drag and drop onto your webpage.

Using this feature will allow you to put many logos, pictures, brand names, etc side by side to display every facet you may be involved in.  You can even have them lead to links!!! Check out the NEW Column Function to help you and your website design.  I know it definitely helped me!

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What You See Is What You Get – WYSIWYG

We computer geeks like our acronyms. GUI, pronounced gooey, stands for Graphical User Interface. PC means Personal Computer. RAID, not to be confused with the bug killer, stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. And WYSIWYG, pronounced wiz-zee-wig, means What You See Is What You Get. I suppose, in a way, we can’t help it. These things are so often said that we have to find shortcuts. The problem is, of course, that non-computer-geeks have no idea what these things mean, and when dealing with something that should be user friendly and easy to understand like a website builder an acronym like WYSIWYG can be a bit hard to comprehend. (more…)

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Design a Website in 15 minutes vs 5 days

Imagine spending five long, hard and tedious days on a website and then do the exact same website again, but this time only take only 15 minutes. Well while you were imagining Jakub Flaska was actually doing it.

Jakub Flaska is a web developer for Easy WebContent. Flaska recently created two websites; one with Easy WebContent and one without and he compared the difference.  He says that with Easy WebContent everything was easier and faster.

“I am a programmer. On average if I hand code a site it takes few days to design a website”, said Flaska.”Using Easy WebContent I was able to do a simple webpage in just few minutes”, said Flaska. (more…)

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