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5 Things You Should Look for in a HTML Website Builder

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If you’re looking for a new website builder or want to get the best from your current site builder, you need to make sure any website builder you use has these features; understanding each of the features listed below will give you an upper hand when building websites.

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With that said, here are a few tips for you:

1. Control
Control is very important when trying to determine which site builder to use.

You should be able to determine how you want your website to operate; most website builders will allow you to create your website on their domain name and some website builders will allow you to have your own personalized domain name. You want the option that allows you to own your own domain name as that gives you more control and is more professional.

2. Flexibility
When on the look out for a website builder, another very important thing you should look for is flexibility. The internet is advancing daily and having a simple HTML website is no longer going to cut it; you need a blog, social sharing capabilities, ability to add videos, audio and a lot of other things.

In other words, the more addons a site builder has the better; you won’t necessarily have to use all these addons, but you should be able to use them when you need to without having to pay additional fees or without having to use an external service.

3. Ease of Use
No matter how great or feature-packed a website builder is, it won’t be worth it if you can’t make use of these features.

If you have to keep doing certain tasks via FTP or if you need to start writing code before you use certain features of your website builder, it isn’t worth it. You want a WYSIWYG website builder; something very easy to use and something that shows the exact same thing you designed when your website is live, not an entirely different site.

4. Design Control
One of the reasons most people go for a website builder is because of the control it gives them when it comes to designing their websites.

You don’t want to have to customize your website through Dreamweaver nor do you want to be editing code to change certain aspects of your website design. You want something flexible, and easy customization so that a click of a button is able to change your logo, re-size your header, change a button or do anything else you want.

5. External Effort Required
Creating a website isn’t a simple task, but the very best website builders make it extraordinary simple.

For example, some of the things required to have your website running are a web host, a domain name, an admin panel, ftp access and a host of other things. A question you should ask yourself is if you can get all these through the site builder of your choice or whether you have to go to different providers to get this; if you can get it through a site builder of your choice, it means you save both money and time in setting these things up.

Good News!

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