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Announcing the release of the Layer Widget

Layer Widget for Presentations and infographics

Yes you heard it right; you now have complete control over every single layer of your project from one central area with  our recently launched Layer Widget.

In a nutshell this new feature consolidates a number of existing features that are spread over different areas of the application and centralizes them under one tab.  It’s extremely simple and highly effective in improving the way you manage and order every element of your project and I’m confident it will become a stable in your content creation process.


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Easy WebContent launches brand new interface for Presenter

New Interface from Easy WebContent

Down with the Old, Up with the New:  Today we announce the release of a new major upgrade of our cloud based Visual content creation tool Presenter which allows everyone with little to no experience to more easily turn ideas into professional Presentations, Infographics and Banners right in their browser.

The new interface has been fully redesigned from the ground up to dramatically improve user experience for new and existing users.  It is based on months of extensive user feedback, usability testing, flat design trends, and last but not least the demand for a front-facing UI (User Interface) that will support the release of new features to improve system capabilities in the months to come.


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What’s new on EWC Presenter? A completely revamped Text Tool

New HTML5 Text editor to create beautiful content

We’re excited about this new release.  For months we have had users asking us to improve our Text tool.   It was at time buggy, and didn’t render text clean enough where everyone can appreciate.  But today things have changed and let me dig in and tell you why and how:

You see our text tool was based on Canvas text in HTML5 (in laymen terms the default vector text when using HTML5 canvas) and although this had it’s advantages over time it became apparent that the cons far outweighed the pros.


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Announcing the release of Eye Candy Assets – So tasty looking you just want to lick’em.

Eye Candy Icons. So Tasty you just wanna lick them.

Back in July we released our Vector Assets starting with our Vintage class of icons.    What we’re really excited about is the release of a new Category of Icons that are so crisp and colorful that you won’t be able to resist using at least some of them on your next Presenter project.

Every single asset has been hand crafted by professional designers and illustrators. They’re so tasty looking, you just wanna Lick’em!  Hence we decided to name this new category of assets:  Eye Candy.


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You can have your Cake and Eat it too!

You can have your cake and eat it too

I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying “You can’t have your cake and eat it (too)”.   While that holds true when it comes to most things in life, today we’re taking a step towards changing that and you’re so invited.   Let me show you:

A ton of high quality graphic assets right at your fingertips.

Up until today, most programs (including Presenter) gave you the means to create professional content without much of the raw materials.

If you have ever tried to create anything visual be it a presentation, graphic or anything else in between you likely faced a ton of frustration spending hours trying to locate visual assets (images, icons, illustrations) to supplement your content.


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Bring your content to life easier than ever before and Animate like a Pro using the new basic timeline

Easy Animation timeline - Easiest to use

Easy Animation Timeline for the rest of us. If you ever had a tough time creating interactive content, this one is for you!

A lot has happened since we launched Beta version of Presenter and today I’m going to share an exciting new feature with you that will allow creation of interactive content easier than ever before.   I’m talking about allowing you to take your ideas and visualize them and give them motion in a matter of seconds.   Kid you not.


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Now you can save your HTML5 Presentations and infographics in PDF and JPG formats!

Today we’re very excited  to announce the release of new Publish capabilities in EWC Presenter that will give you yet another reason of using this powerful cloud-based app for majority of your content needs.

It’s only been 6 weeks since we launched the Public Beta of our Presenter Application and I believe we have been on to a good start.  Userbase is growing, we’ve had increasing press coverage and we have rolled out a lot of system refinements and new features thanks to feedback and recommendations from users like yourself.


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Check out New Features and Upgrades on EWC Presenter

Easy WebContent Presenter - HTML5 Animations and presentations

We promised and we’re keeping our word
We promised to listen to our users and continually improve Presenter. At Easy WebContent we have spent the last 16 months in heavy development and testing before launching our Public Beta version.  In fact we revamped the entire front-end of the Application twice based on our closed beta feedback.

It’s time you revisit Presenter because we have new features and updates you should check out!
Since our Beta launch in early April, we have rolled out 15 new improvements and adjustments to the the system.  Majority of these improvements are the result of user feedback including yours.


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Create Professional Website – Easy WebContent announces launch of upgraded version of Site Builder Interface

Creating and managing professional websites just got a whole lot easier!
It’s early 2013 and we start off the year fresh with a complete overhaul of the Easy WebContent Site Builder Interface.  It’s been a big undertaking where our design and development team dedicated hundreds of man hours hacking our way through a ton of code to fully refine the entire application layout to better fit the needs of our users so they can create and manage professional websites and access system features easier than ever before.

We are excited about this release as it not only simplifies the process of building more professional websites, but it opens a new avenue for us to further scale our system and release of new widgets that will further allow control over your site layout.


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Adding Dropdown menus to your website just got a whole lot easier!

Dropdown Menu Easy WebContent Site Builder

Drop-down Menus are now available on the Easy WebContent Site Builder.  Simple, easy yet powerful with full control of style and formatting for a professional looking Drop Down menu you can add to any tab on your website.

The average website starts with little as five to six pages.  But as your business or personal content needs grow so will your website.  Your company grows, you have new products and new services or you just need to consolidate content into shorter more targeted pages and you are faced with the challenge of squeezing more pages on your horizontal navigation bar.


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