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How Carter International Concierge uses Presenter to promote their business

Case Study of Carter Concierge using Presenter

Every so often we like to feature Presenter users who create real life projects to raise awareness about their services, offerings or about their favorite cause.  Today we are featuring Michelle, a Small Business Owner in east coast of the U.S. who is one of the earlier adopters of Presenter in our Beta Period.

Take a peak below to learn more about Michelle, her business and why she uses Presenter to better promote and market her business.


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Easy WebContent Presenter Review – Positive Reviews from Top Blogs and Sources

EWC Presenter Create Awesome Content

EWC Presenter has been receiving rave reviews from numerous blogs and sources and our hard work is starting to turn heads.   For example just recently Noupe a leading Design Blog took Presenter for a test drive and below is an excerpt:

“Say farewell to Powerpoint, Flash or whatever tool you are currently using to create presentation slides, banner ads, infographics or product demos. EWC Presenter by HindSite Interactive (Parent company of Easy WebContent)  is a powerful, web-based HTML5 editor that does not want any less than change the way you create professional content. The folks at HindSite say they are on a mission and you better believe them…”


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Why You Should Create a Website for Your Small Business Today

Create Website for business

Having a website is critically important, yet many small businesses underestimate its importance.

While there’s a plethora of reasons small businesses delay or don’t even bother about creating a website for their business, two main excuses are:

  1. They don’t believe that having a website is effective.
  2. They believe that creating and maintaining a website is difficult and expensive.

When you consider the fact that most small businesses are operating on a budget, the second excuse is usually a valid excuse until it isn’t.

Creating a website doesn’t have to be expensive. At Easy WebContent for example, we offer everything you need to create a website that can power your small business; everything from an easy to use site builder for those who want a flexible way to create a website to a quality HTML editor for those who already have a website but want to update it. (more…)

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5 Challenges Small Businesses Face when Building a Website

Having a website can be of phenomenal impact on your small business.

Having the right website isn’t just about setting putting something up – anybody can do that – but about using the right tools to create effective websites, properly branded and optimized to help you attract people and convert them. Unfortunately, building a small business website is easier said than done. There are challenges you’ll face, especially if you’re new to building a website.

Here are 5 common challenges you can face with building a website that Easy WebContent can help you with. (more…)

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I Want A Cheap Website

I don’t have the time to develop my website? 

That’s Easy! If you are on a small budget and don’t want to dedicate some hours to create your website or want a pro’s touch on your website; You can get a custom website designed for as little as $400-500 and then have he full capability to manage, edit and add more content on your own anytime you want.

I don’t want to spend thousands of dollars? 

Depending what you need the price will range between $400 to $750.  You get to talk to one of our design experts and provide your needs and wants.  Our design team will then use your requirements as guideline to create a professional site and layout and set-up with ability to manage and update your own content anytime.

I want to work with a professional Creative Designer? 

You will work directly with Easy WebContent’s Creative Designers.  Take a look at some of the work:


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Easy WebContent’s President featured as First Web Design Expert on

President of Easy WebContent, Payman Taei, becomes the first Web Design expert on Look out for his monthly articles on web design and development.


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Where to Launch Your Startup

Startup Recommendation

If you are starting a personal blog or a company website, I highly recommend It is a specialized online directory to bridge the gap between Netpreneurs and Bloggers. With the evolving use of guest bloggers and crowdsourcing, SubmitStartup has proved to be one of the best sources for startups.

SubmitStartup’s mission is, “To Prove Netpreneurs with a wealth of information so they can effectively choose the most suitable Startup Blogs to Submit their Startups.”

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